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Bishop Soundararaju Decennial Higher Education Scholarship (BSDHES)

Posted On : 16-06-2019

Dear fathers as we know we have created a fund towards Bishop Soundararaju Decennial Higher Education Scholarship (BSDHES) and last year we started giving this scholarship. 

Accordingly we have given 8 lakhs rupees to 3 MBBS, 3 ME, MBA, 9 BE, 1 MSc Nursing; 37 B.Sc, Nursing;
29 Diploma Nursing Students. All together there are 82 students from 25 Parishes. Now this year we are going to give the scholarship in the month of March. As we have decided we give scholarship for the same 82 students till they complete their course. 
But every year they have to apply through their concerned parish priests'
recommendation letters. So that it is easy to follow them up. 

I know there are lot more applications towards this scholarship. As bishop has decided we will give the scholarship for the new candidates only in the place where the students have completed their courses. But first preference will be given to MBBS, IPS and IAS courses.
There are already 4 applications for MBBS. What we are going to do is those who complete other courses like MSc & BSc Nursing, BE & ME and Diploma Nursing we will remove their names and pool the money to give to new applicants for MBBS. So I kindly request all the parish priests whose parishioners are completing their course tell them not to apply for scholarship. 

You have to send your recommended applications by the end of January 2019. 
All those who have not sent the recommended applications by end of January will not be given scholarship.
Kindly co-operate and collaborate and help our students