Women Religious Congregation in the Diocese
1.The Apostolic Carmel(AC)
1 Carmel Illam Kolappalur
2.Congregation of the Immaculate Conception (CIC)
1 St. Antony Convent Nallur
2 Christ the King Convent Nelliyankulam

3.Congregation of the Sisters of Theresian Carmelites (CTC)

1 Sacred Heart Convent Avoor
2 Immaculate Heart Convent Kariyandal
3 Annai Theresa B. Ed Convent Pavithiram
4 St. Antony Convent Pavithiram
5 Francis Xavier Convent Zamin Gudalore

4.Carmelete Sisters of St. Theresa (CSST)

1 Arputha Madha Convent Kilnathur
2 Mount St. Joseph Convent Thiruvannamalai

5.Daughters of Charity St. Vincent (DC)

1 Nirmala House Kaniyambadi
6.Daughters of Mary (DM)
1 St. Antony's Convent Antoniar Nagar
2 Carmel Madha Convent Eleyankanni
3 St. Luke's Convent Vellore, Old Town
4 Christu Jyothi Illam


5 DM Convent, Koottar


7.Dominican Sisters (DS)
1 Dominican Sisters Convent


8.Franciscen Sisters of Our lady of Bon Secours (FBS)
1 Bon Secours Convent Arakkonam
2 Bon Secours Convent


3 Bon Secours Illam Thiruvettipuram
9.Franciscen Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary(FIHM)
1 Idaya Convent Allianthal
2 St. John De Britto Convent


3 IHM Convent Vellore,Cathedral
4 St. Antony Convent Virduvilanginan
10.Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (FMA)
1 St. Joseph's Convent Arni
2 Auxilium Convent Gandhinagar
3 Sacred Heart Home Gandhinagar
4 Auxilium Home Gandhinagar
5 Deepam Convent Jamunamarathur
6 Amala Anjali Convent Yellagiri Hills
7 St. Mary's TTC, Anmarudai Kolappalur
8 Little Flower Convent Pallikonda
9 Sacred Heart Convent Polur
10 Mary Immaculate Convent Tirupattur
11 Mary Mazarello Home Tirupattur
12 St.Mary's Convent Vellore Cathedral
13 St. Joseph Convent Mosavadi
11.Franciscan Sisters of Alloysius Gonzaga (FSAG)
1. Ansaldo College Convent Chetpet
2 St. Louis Convent Gengapattu
3 St. Joseph's Convent Katpadi
4 St. Aloysius Convent Vettavalam
5 St. Aloysius Home For Children Vettavalam
12.Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph (FSJ)
1 Assisi Illam Bagayam
2 David Convent Jolarpet
3 St. Mary's Convent Pathiavaram
4 St. Antony Convent Thirumalpadi
5 St. Louis Convent Thiruvettipuram
6 St. Mary's Convent Udayendiram
7 Sacred Heart Convent Vandavasi
8 Sacred Heart TTC Convent Vandavasi
9 St. Antony Convent Veeralur
10 Arockia Illam Vellore Old Town
13.Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary of Quilon (FSIHM)
1 Vimala Irudaya Convent Chengam
2 St. Antony Convent Santhavasal
14.Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of Presentation of BVM (FSPM)
1 Presentation Convent Chengam
2 St. Joseph's Convent C. Namiandal
3 St. Joseph Dispensary C. Namiandal
4 Santhi Sagaya Illam Uriurkuppam
15.Missionaries of Charity (MC)
1 Nirmala Irudaya Home Shenpakkam
2 Shishu Bhavan

Vellore Cathedral

16.Medical Mission Secular Institute of St. Thomas (MMSI)
1 St. Thomas Hospital Chetpet
2 St. Thomas Convent Jamunamarathur
17.Sisters of Our Lady of the Mission(OLMS)
1 Our Lady of Mission Convent Madurampattu
18.Bendictine Sisters of Our Lady of Grace & Compassion (OSB)
1 Grace and Compassion Convent Thiruvannamalai

St. Benedict Convent, Adaiur

19.Servents of Mary (OSM)
1 Servite Covent Mekkalur
20.Bridgettine (OSSS)
1 Bridgettine Convent Sipcot
21.Poor Clares of Perpetual Adorations (PCPA)
1 St. Clare's Monastery Sathuvacharry
22.Sisters of the Adoration of Blessed Sacraments (AS)
1 Adoration Convent Thandarampet
23.Sisters of St. Annes of Trichirappalli (SAT)
1 St. Anne's Convent Koviloor
2 Little Flower Convent Thirumalai
24.Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo (SCB)
1 St. Charles Convent Jolarpet
2 St. Charles Convent Jolarpet
3 St. Charles Convent Jolarpet
4 Charles Convent Tirupattur
5 Little Flower Convent Ranipet
6 St. Charles Convent Ranipet
25.Sisters of Cross of Chavanad (SCC)
1 Holy Cross convent Sathuvacharry
2 Holy Cross convent Veppoor
26.Sisters of the Destitute (SD)
1 Destitute Convent

Randam Korattur

2 Arul Nilayam Pallalakuppam
3 Destitute Convent Perumanam
27.Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny (SJC)
1 Cluny Convent Alappakkam
2 Cluny Convent Devigapuram
3 Cluny Convent Katpadi
28.Sisters of Maria Auxilium (SMA)
1 Infant Jesus Anbu Illam Arakkonam
2 Mazarallo Home Uriurkuppam
29.Seva Missionary Sisters (SMS)
1 Seva Missionary Convent Gandhinagar
2 Family of Nazareth Convent Tirupattur
30.Society of Sisters of St. Annes (SSA)
1 St. Louis Convent A. Kattupadi
2 St. Anne's Convent Chetpet
3 St. Anne's Convent Madha Hill, Chetpet
4 St. Anne's Convent Christianpet
5 St. Anne's Convent Gudiyatham
6 Shanthi Ashram Gudiyatham
7 St. Theresa Convent Theresapuram
8 Mater Christi Convent Vellore
31.Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SSHJ)
1 Sacred Heart Convent Allianthal
2 Sacred Heart Convent Jamunamarathur
3 Sacred Heart Convent Pathiavaram
4 Nambikai Illam Sathuvacharry
5 Sacred Heart Generalate Sathuvacharry
6 Sacred Heart Novitiate Sathuvacharry
7 Sacred Heart Convent Thachambadi